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Presentations (see "Books" page for more details about World of Birds)

 With the publication of World of Birds, Kim is pleased to be able to share her "sense of wonder."“My main intention is to get kids and adults outside to interact with nature,” she says. “It’s important that we all connect with the natural world so we can act as respectful stewards of this wonderful environment which we share with so many other living things. The environmentally aware child is hope for our planet’s healthy future. Another thing I’m hoping to get across is that it is possible for a creative child to follow a dream and make it come true. This book is a dream come true for me."

Kim is available to talk about her experiences with nature, art, her book and related topics through school visits, library presentations, and adult events. The process that created World of Birds, from sketchbook to finished product, has relevance across curricula with emphasis on encouraging education that is fun and interesting. Interactive presentations can be tailored to suit your audience. 

Visuals can include Powerpoint if the technology is available, "hands-on" display of materials describing the evolution of the book, natural "treasures" from Kim's collection, artwork demonstrations, handouts to complete during the event or to take away, or other "props" depending on the theme which will be discussed ahead of time.

Bucks County Audubon Society at Honey Hollow, Dec 2014

TOPICS CAN INCLUDE: Nature:Exploration & Discover “What’s in Your Backyard?” Treasure Hunt - finding & collecting nature's treasures                      Science: Environmental Studies           Doing research by observation, books, web, etc.                                          “I’m not an expert, but I’m eager to find out and learn about what fascinates me.”                                Birds in general: identification, where they live  (nests/houses), attracting them to your  backyard                           Visual Arts: Drawing, painting, design

Early artworks: Award for “Best Coloring” in 2nd grade Career as an artist/illustrator                     Self-portraits – expressing your creative vision Sketchbooks – observation and imagination Language Arts                                           Journaling: ”What did you see/hear/experience today? “Everybody has a bird story!”                                  Prose & Poetry- observation and imagination Organizing research                                                Book Publishing: How did this book happen? Following a dream                                                  From Vision to Book:” It all started with a love of wildflowers and a subscription to Ranger Rick magazine.”

  Fees and honorariums are negotiable according to the type of presentation(s) that suits your needs. For more information, contact Kim at or 215.598.7822

Feedback from a Presentation

D&R Greenway Land Trust, Princeton NJ, Nov 2014

“…Kim is such a lively presenter, as I was told by one who attended her book launch last summer. Which is why we had her here, but she surpassed expectations. She gives the (adult) audience permission to be children for that interlude... Children were on the edge of their seats. Some had the book already (which she signed that day), and turned to each page as she spoke of each species.”

 “Kim, you did a spectacular job... Your whimsy is a joy. I cherished seeing your early work, as well as images that led to and appear in “World of Birds.” I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

 -Carolyn Edelmann, Community Relations Associate, D&R Greenway Land Trust

Books for Presentations

Kim does not provide the books for school or library visits. She suggests asking your local bookseller for assistance. For adult events, she can provide books for sale, if request a few weeks in advance.

Books are also available from the publisher at

Also at NWF's website:

 And at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound websites

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